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Market Insight Package for Monitoring and Assistance

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Package Objective:

To provide market monitoring services and advisory assistance in trading derivative instruments, in accordance with applicable law and industry best practices.

Included Services:

  • Personalized Assistance: Access to a dedicated consultant coach between 11:00 and 19:00, Monday to Friday, for assistance and answers to questions related to derivative instrument transactions.
  • Market Information: Provision of updated public news, reports and analysis to help the client understand the dynamics of financial markets.
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Derivative Contracts: Identification of all possible scenarios regarding risk management and their management, providing the client with all available options
  • Transparency and Clarity: All information will be explained in an accessible manner, emphasizing the provision of relevant public sources, the informative nature, and the advisory and non-personalized nature of the services.

Provider's Rights and Obligations:

  • Service Quality: Commitment to provide quality services with professionalism and morality.
  • Legitimate Use of Information: Use of information and sources in a legal and ethical manner.
  • Suspension of Services: The right to suspend services for organizational and technical reasons, notifying the client in advance.
  • Changes to the Agreement: The ability to unilaterally modify the terms of the agreement, with prior notification to the client.

Client's Rights and Obligations:

  • Confidentiality: The obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the methods and means of providing the services.
  • Reporting Violations: The obligation to report any unauthorized dissemination of information.
  • Use of Services: Use of the services in accordance with the stipulated terms and recognition that the provider does not offer fund management or investment consulting services.
  • Payment for Services: The obligation to pay for the services provided, in accordance with the established procedure.

How to Get Started:

Visit and sign up for the "Market Insight" pack. Start your journey into the world of derivative instrument trading with our support and expertise.

The standard price is 1.66EUR/minute ~ 100EUR/h.

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