The Foundation Pack

Imagine having the power of the stock market and financial world right in your hands.

This program is designed specifically for you, even if you're brand new to these concepts. Get ready to grab the wheel and embark on a fascinating adventure into the world of finance!

"The Foundation" package equips you with the essential knowledge to navigate the market. You'll not only learn key terminology, but you'll also uncover which financial markets you can participate in.

Portfolio management

Effective goal-based techniques

This group course aims to shift portfolio managers' mindset towards building objective-driven portfolios, rather than solely focusing on individual assets. By doing this, they'll be able to create more efficient asset allocation strategies tailored to each client's risk tolerance. This leads to stronger client relationships in the long run, regardless of market conditions.

Master new skills in just 4 weeks! This online course starts April 1st and meets every Monday.

Sharpen your skills with our 8-hour continuous professional development program! This program, led by Dr. Adrian Morar, combines theory and practical exercises delivered in 4 engaging sessions.

Growth Pack

Level up your financial knowledge with the Growthpackage!

Why choose the Growth Pack?

Mastered the basics with "The Foundation" pack? The Growthpack will blow you away!

“The Foundation” pack got you walking confidently. Now, the Growthpack will train you to sprint! Go beyond the basics and develop the skills to become a self-directed investor, making your own trades with confidence.

Protrader Pack

Go from Beginner Trader to Pro in record time with the "Protrader" pack!

Why go "Protrader"?

The "Protrader" pack takes you deep into the heart of the financial markets. Here, you'll uncover a treasure trove of knowledge that will supercharge your trading efficiency.

The "Protrader" pack is more than just a course – it's an investment in your future as a trader. You'll not only gain guidance from our expert mentors, but you'll also join a supportive community where you can learn and grow alongside other aspiring traders.

Market Insight Pack

We offer market monitoring services and assist clients in trading derivative contracts, all while adhering to strict regulations and industry standards.

Unlock the world of derivatives trading with the "Market Insight" pack! Our support and expertise will guide you every step of the way.

Build your customized support plan with an InVestorHood representative.

Full Stack Global Trader - 1 year

Full stack strategic investor & global macro trader – one year coaching program conducted by Dr. Adrian Morar Triandafil

You get 50 1-on-1 sessions in a mentoring program to help you build a profitable long-term portfolio and many other benefits.

Discover what will means to benefit from an one-year mentorship program with an investment expert and the full support of the Investorhood team .

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