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Full stack strategic investor & global macro trader – one year coaching program conducted by Dr. Adrian Morar Triandafil

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What do you get in this full stack strategic investor & global macro trader – one year coaching program conducted by Dr. Adrian Morar:

1. 50 one to one weekly sessions, at least 60 minutes (except on Easter and Christmas)
2. Mentoring for effective buildup and running a long term profitable personal portfolio
3. Annually portfolio adjusting and rebalancing adapted to your evolution in risk profile
4. Quarterly portfolio stress test simulation on currency volatility risk
5. Monthly portfolio exposure monitoring for an optimal risk/reward ratio

Why choose Investorhood?

  • Investorhood has exclusivity for running mentoring programs provided by Dr. Adrian Morar-Triandafil
  • He is one of the few developing a PhD focused on Forex investing, with an innovative approach on implementing George Soros’ theory regarding reflexivity on financial markets
  • His team conducted over 10 million euro investing projects in 4 countries - Germany, UK, Switzerland and Romania
  • Having more than 30 years’ experience in training, trading & investing, he developed the pentagon model portfolio using discretionary DCA based on Warren Buffet stock picking strategy
  • Investorhood supports his financial activity based on both research of markets analysts and debating the most important topics impacting financial markets with top specialists

Some references about dr. Adrian Morar (Romanian language):

Articles published:

Some references from Romanian National Bank Catalog (Catalogul Bibliotecii BNR):

eBook - Echilibrul pietei valutare versus hazardul moral

Other articles:


Brief presentation


Adrian Morar is an economist with over 20 years of experience and a Doctor of Economics since 2014, a title obtained from the Romanian Academy in Bucharest following the defense of his doctoral thesis: "The Equilibrium of the Foreign Exchange Market and Exchange Rate Stability", as well as intensive research activity - author/co-author of 5 books (latest: The Equilibrium of the Foreign Exchange Market versus Moral Hazard) and 20 studies in the field of financial markets.

He also has approximately 25 years of experience in training, developing training programs for the financial and banking sector, and delivering courses on various topics at IBR, such as financial markets, direct sales, risk management, MiFID II, etc. He has also given courses and been a speaker at a series of conferences at ASE, XTB, Admiral Markets, Leaders Inside, Liga Bancherilor Md, etc.

In addition to his work as a trainer and researcher, Teodor-Adrian Morar-Triandafil has 30 years of experience in trading on financial markets, using strategies such as carry trade and discretionary DCA. In addition, his investment expertise has been validated by a number of national and international projects, where, as an expert/project manager or entrepreneur, he has made a number of investments in the fields of education, IT, real estate, and since this year, in media through the Romanian Employer's Magazine, a video format magazine dedicated to entrepreneurship.

He has participated in numerous professional training courses in the field of financial markets and holds various certifications in training & management, including:

  • ACI Dealing Certificate, ATTF, Luxembourg
  • EuroBankRiskGame, ATTF Luxembourg and Warsaw Institute of Banking, Poland
  • Money Markets, RBI and ATTF, Luxembourg
  • European Foundation Certificate in Banking, EBTN, Brussels, Belgium
  • Developing curriculum, Vapro International, Haga, Holland
  • Business Process Management, Brain Concert, Bucharest
  • Compared Banking and Financial Systems, RBI, Bucharest
  • Project Management, M&D Company Doctor SRL, Bucharest
  • Financial Services Trainer, Romanian Banking Institute, Bucharest
  • Assessor of professional competences, A.R.E.C., Bucharest
  • Development of occupational standards, curricula and evaluation instruments, RBI, Bucharest


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